"I like it when the king gets it wrong, keeps him human."


There are days when I hate my job.



Making dinner with the twins and Nicole’s help. ;)

Love helping make dinner with you and our boys! :)


Losing sleep over work isn’t much fun with your boys won’t let you sleep at all!



After talking with Jason, and watching the man walk into the building, Greg pulled out his cellphone, dialing Nick’s number, he hoped he didn’t wake him or would make it so that he woke Catherine or the kids up. Waiting on Nick’s voice, “Hey man Sorry its late, but can you call everyone down here? It’s bad. I think we are going to have be all hands in on this one, Sorry to make you wake Catherine up too, but we need everyone. I’ll text you the address.”

Nick let out a groan hearing his cellphone vibrate and slowly slid out of the bed trying not to wake up Catherine in the process of doing so. He rubbed his eyes before sitting at the table. “Hey Greg. Yeah it’s kinda late and why are you calling me so late? Yeah of course, I’ll get everyone down there. You want Morgan there too? It must be pretty bad. I’ll get her up, don’t worry about that honestly. And make sure everyone gets after you send me the address.”



Me, The Twins and Nicole are loving having Nick home with us. <3

I was happy to be home with the four of you and lovedmoment of it. <3



George Eads as Nick Stokes from CSI



CSI | 13.05 - Play Dead
★ Nominated for Best Chemistry Moment at the CBS Fan Awards 2013
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Spending the evening with my wife and our kids. Happy Memorial days to all!